Agriculture Sales Cooperatives are Turkish Export Champions.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) Defined 2011 Export Champions Awards. Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN, Minister of Labor and Social Security Mr. Faruk ÇELİK, Minister of Economy Zafer ÇAĞLAYAN have attended Awards Ceremony. Tariş Sultana Raisins Cooperative Union has been awarded in Dried Fruit Sector. According to the Export Figures Based on 2011, Taris Sultana Raisins Cooperative union has been awarded as second largest exporter in Dried Fruit Sector that presented by Minister of Economy Zafer ÇAĞLAYAN.

Taris Sultana Raisins Cooperative Union Chairman of the Board Mr. Ali Rıza TÜRKER commended on the award: "In dried Fruit Group, top exporters list ranges considering total export of Dried Figs, Dried Apricots and Sultana Raisins. Taking account of only Sultana Raisins product, Taris Sultana Raisins Union with 29.050tons of export this year, is leading the export for years by. Taris Sultana Raisins Cooperative Union is the biggest purchaser and exporter of Sultana Raisins. According to 2010 year Export figures of Turkish Exporters Essembly (TIM), our Union is on 301st place of first 500 exporters. I expect Taris Sultana Raisins Union to be within top 200 exporters this year due to higher export level in 2011."

As a Turkish Cooperative foundation, Taris Sultana Raisins Union, maintains a stable line in the business while it observes the Global Market for a long time. Mr. TÜRKER expected growers to continue growing high quality of Sultana Raisins same as previous years. Thus, he recommends growers to use agricultural pesticides only which has controlled and approved by Tariş R&D. Therewith, Mr. TÜRKER advised growers to pay much attention to warnings and recommendations of Tariş responsible Agricultural Engineers. Finally, Mr TÜRKER wanted to thank member growers and everyone who contributed to.